Knowledge Centre

Smt. Eladevi Agarwal Knowledge centre

With the objective of adding modern age functional learning to school education, a complete floor in Asmita Bhawan is dedicated to a knowledge centre. In this centre various activity rooms and laboratories have been set up to provide practical and hands-on learning experiences to the students. This enhances their grasping of the theory learnt in normal classrooms. The following facilities are available:

  • Tinkering Lab

Latest technological equipment are provided for advanced learning.

  • Art Room

Childerns are very creative. This room provides them the atmosphere and facilities to broaden their creative skills.

  • Group Activity Room

Many group activities are organised here so that children learn teamwork and its advantages.

  • E-Library

Modern learning facility is incomplete without E-library where students have access to a world of knowledge available over the internet.

  • Mathematics Laboratory

This new technique of learning through practical work is aimed at removing the fear of mathematics of many students.

  • Music-Dance, Yoga Room

Music & dance room – Asmita Muralidhar Orchestra (vadyavrund) has been established through music and dance class. Through this program the students performed music in two public circles during this academic year. Also, training in tabla, easy music, Kathak dance, yoga classes is given to the out-of-school students. Yoga is also taught to students in this room with modern infrastructure.

  • Basic Engineering (Skill Development)

Basic skills of carpentry, masonry, electrical works etc are introduced to students of 8th standard and above which helps those who are academically weak to gain first hand feel of these vast skill areas. 

Fashion Designing

  • With growing young population in the city, youngsters are creating a demand for fashionable garments in festivals / functions etc. With a goal to bridge the gap between demand and supply and afford ability of the product, Asmita has designed Fashion Designing course.
  • Asmita has been running a training centre in Stitching for garments, bags etc for the housewives / young girls from more than three decades and so far have trained 500+women successfully.
  • Fashion Designing Course (with emphasis on Dress making and Clothing) includes Fabrics, Sketching, Fashion Forecasting, Colour Theory, Pattern Making, Portfolio, Stitching and Finishing.
  • Duration of Course – 12 week course, 3 hours Lecture on every Saturday. For Assignments and Projects facilities would be provided at the Venue.

Jewellery Designing & Making

  • Mumbai city is blessed with the largest Manufacturing facilities for Diamond studded Gold Jewellery and Gold Jewellery Manufacturing and Exports. The Industry is located in Special Economic Zone, SEEPZ at Andheri ( East), Mumbai and employs around 50,000+ workforce.
  • Asmita saw this opportunity in this Jewellery Industry and built a special training cum learning and development centre at its premises. With a strong Industry tie-up and 100% placement, Asmita trained around 40+students at this premises and all were engaged at SEEPZ, Andheri (East).
  • Course Contents – Overview of CAD/CAM/Model Design, Mould Cutting, Waxing Process, Diamond Assorting and Bagging ,Wax Setting Process, Casting, Mass Finishing, Filing, Metal Setting, Polishing, Rhodium, Quality Control, Refining, Central Gold Issue.
  • Duration of Course – 8 weeks course , Daily 4 hours coaching ( Mon-Fri) at Asmita Bhavan, Jogeshwari (E) and Saturday full day training at Industry ( Located in SEEPZ, Andheri East).


  • With the growth in Cool Cabs from private operators, there is a demand for Drivers / Drivers owned cars to be deployed by these private operators.
  • Asmita, with a view to provide opportunity to young boys and girls in this sector has tied up with a very reputed Motor Driving School. Training would be imparted on sophisticated driving Simulator Software and then on road training on car trained from experts experienced in this field.?
  • Duration of Course – 21 days includes support to get learners and permanent license from driving school.

Geriatrics Elderly Care

  • With our Mumbai city growing and expanding, Elderly Citizens and Patients in our homes require some support as the long-term hospitalization at times is not affordable or /and may also not psychologically acceptable for the family members.
  • Asmita together with their training partner has designed a course specially with the above objective. The participants can enroll with 2 purposes 1) Training to family members having an elderly patient at home 2)Training can also be imparted to job seekers in medical sector as they can get a source of income.
  • So far 100+ participants have enrolled and completed this course in multiple batches.
  • Duration of Course – Total Six Lectures of 2.5 hours each

Plumbing Technician

  • Cities are growing and their needs are also growing, which includes new infrastructure, like Commercial Buildings, Residential Apartments, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, Natural Gas Pipelines.
  • Bathroom fittings , Pipelines for Plumbing for Natural Gas and Water Supply are now in demand and so the need of Plumbing Technicians in Cities like Mumbai.
  • Asmita with a view to bridge the gap and provide upskilled technicians in this industry has tied up with a Professional Training Institute and has launched this training program.
  • Duration of course – 31 days which will consist of 21 days of Theory on Computers and 10 days of workshop in Asmita including assignments/projects. Sessions will be conducted from Monday to Saturday for 4 hours each.
  • Asmita would also support students for further specialization in a residential course at Pune with our training partners.

Information Technology

  • 21 Century has transformed the way we all operate in our professional and personal lives in cities and also villages. From a school going kid to a senior citizen, everyone is exposed to Smart phones, Tablets, Computers and Laptops.
  • Asmita with a vision for IT literacy started a full fledged IT lab more than 2 decades before at our Centre. Now as an extension to the society , SBI has set up a newly functional Computer Lab for IT courses. Asmita has been successfully running MS-CIT Courses from couple of years. MS-CIT Course is promoted by Dept of Higher & Technical Education, Govt of Maharashtra.
  • Duration of course – 8 weeks. Sessions will be conducted from Monday to Saturday for 2 hrs each in the Computer Lab at Asmita for all assignments, tests and assessments.


  • The beauty industry is growing day by day and having a good impact on the economy. There is a vast scope for people who are interested in makeup and other styling activities. Moreover, this industry is going to grow more in the future and needs more professionals and makeup artists to meet the demand. So, if you are thinking of building a career in the beauty industry, then this is the right time to do so.
  • Asmita has designed the beautician course conducted by beauty professionals and experts, who will provide hands on training, lectures and practical assignments in this exciting ever growing field.
  • Duration of course – 8 weeks.

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