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Asmita Bhavan,
Ajgaonkar Maidan,
West. Exp. Highway,
Jogeshwari(E), Mumbai - 400060

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Asmita Trust

Asmita Trust


Asmita came into existence on 1st May 1976 in the slum areas of Jogeshwari(E), Mumbai, India

In May, 1976 Asmita implied "You take one step and we'll take ten" and arose as a trust in Jogeshwari with various social initiatives.
Asmita vision Asmita

Asmita came into existence on 1st May 1976 in the slum areas of Jogeshwari, Mumbai. In those days there was a critical situation and even the basic amenities like electricity, water and road were absent. The area, then, was also a centre of anti-social elements.

Thus, with the basic mission of serving the poor and deprived people of the area, Asmita decided to take up activities in social, cultural and educational fields. Soon, Asmita became familiar and grew popular amongst the residents of the locality for its small but selfless services. Today, after 38 years, Asmita is well on its way towards fulfilling its mission. It has grown from a small sapling to a big tree, from small services to multiple and large-scale service projects touching, today, lives of few thousand families living in the area!!

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